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System 28 Clamping Pipe with quick fastener

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Siegmund System 28 Prisms and Supports are compatible with any 28mm fixture table. Made in Germany with the highest quality assurance, you know that with Siegmund tooling, you will not be let down.


The Prism is designed for large pipes with a diameter. Above all, it creates a solid support surface for round pipes. The prism with a screwed-in collar can be fastened in the boreholes and securely fixed. For free positioning of the prism independent of the hole grid, you can easily unscrew the collar from the prism. If necessary, the working height of the prism can be varied by a prism extension. Polyamide Prisms are used for scratch-prone surfaces.

Technical Data:

Item No.:  280750
Clamping Pipe with quick fastener
Height (c)380 mm /Weight 1.8 kg /Diameter 28 mm

Product description
Clamping pipe with integrated fast clamping bolt, allows backlash-free fastening of a system 28 clamping pipe. Screw clamps, quick-release clamps, height and side stops and other components can be mounted on it.

Item No.:   280760
Clamp Stop
Length (a) 200 mm /Weight  1.6 kg /Diameter 28 mm /Width (b)50 mm


Item No.:   280760.1
Clamp Stop with elongated hole
Length (a) 200 mm /Weight  1.37 kg /Diameter 28 mm /Width (b)50 mm

Product description
‐ with elongated hole