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Siegmund System 16 Sets - Basic Set 1

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Item Number:  161200
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The Siegmund System 16 Basic Sets are compatible with any 16mm Basic fixture table. All Siegmund products are made in Germany to the highest standard of quality assurance. With Siegmund tooling, you will never be let down.


Get a Jump on production with your new welding table, or easily extend the capabilities of your current welding tables by purchasing a kit of Tooling dedicated to 16mm Siegmund Welding Tables. Kits help you have the tooling necessary on hand to complete any job in a timely and efficient manner.

Technical Data:
Total Weight of Set: 10.6 lbs.  ‐ for Basic Tables

Set Contents:
4 x 160620 - Clamp
12 x 160510 - Bolt
8 x 160420.N - Stop (Nitrided)
4 x 160109.N - Square (Nitrided)
2 x 160108.N - Square (Nitrided)
Accessory Set 163999
160402.N Eccentric Stop
160852 Allen Wrench
160820 Brush
000942 Oilstone
000911 Sample CleanBasic
000921 Sample Anti-Spatter
160920 Burner Holder