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Crystal 2.0

Crystal 2.0

You won’t believe your eyes


With light transmission of 31% in bright condition (protection level 2!) welders have for the first time a practically unclouded and clear view of their working environment. This in combination with the almost perfect colour spectrum of the CLT2.0 for the first time allows welders to see what is really going on in the weld pool, and with a clarity that equates to insights into a new dimension. This is why welders describe this as an enlightenment.

Shade levels inactive: shade level 2.0
active, manual: shade level 4-12
Autopilot Automatic protection level regulation across a range from 4-12 with individual calibration option of 2
Power supply Solar cells, 2 lithium batteries (CR2032)
Sensors Three Sensors
Sensitivity Infinitely adjustable, now with "super high" sensitivity
Switching time bright to dark: 0.100 ms at room temperature at 55 C
0.070 ms at 55 C dark to bright: 0.1 s to 2.0 s (with dimming function)
EN379 classification Optical class: 1
Scattered light: 1 Homogeneity: 1
Angular dependence: 2
Shape stability Welding mask: up to 220 C / 428 F
Front cover lens: up to 137 C / 279 F
Eye protection Ultraviolet / Infrared Protection maximum protection at any shade level
Operating temperature -10 C to 70 C / 14 F to 158 F
Storage temperature -20 C to 80 C / -4 F to 176 F
Weight 460 g / 18,7 oz
Scope of delivery Welding helmet, manual
Warranty 2 years
1 year warranty extension (except batteries) for online product registration within the first 6 months.
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